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The Actors Workshop

All Actor's Demo reels are directed by Chris Cardona
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As an Actor, you will need your own Professional Acting Demo Reel
We will provide you with a high-quality acting reel that will help you gain representation and book you jobs!

What you receive with our "ACTOR'S REEL" Packages:
1) We will help choose a scene that shows off your best qualities.
2) Scene or scenes will be rehearsed
(prior to shoot) and all will be directed by Chris Cardona
3) Chris' Professional Director of Photography will shoot your reel.
4) Includes lighting, complete editing, and the professional finished product.
5) Incredibly fast turnaround. You may do 1 scene and 1 monologue, 2 scenes, 3 scenes. (rates vary)
6) Each Actor will have their own "MINI-FILM" with professional look, quality and performance.
7) If you you're looking to get signed by NYC Legit Talent Agents and get noticed by Casting Directors, a Acting Demo Reel is a necessary tool for any working actor.  Like a carpenter without a hammer, an actor cannot be without
training, headshots, resume, and an Acting Demo Reel that shows off your best qualities.

Email us with any and all questions, and for your price quote.
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