Actors Workshop Classes 

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Teen Acting & Scene Study (Thursdays)
       Nikki Silva
(Teen Acting Coach)
     Gabriella Cascio
(Youth Acting Coach)

Thursdays: 5 pm-7 pm ($300 for 6 classes) On-Going Class, you may begin at any time!

Ages: 12-17 yrs 

Acting Coach: Nikki Silva

This Beginner to Intermediate Acting and Scene Study Class, is taught by Nikki Silva. 

In this Teen Scene Study/Acting class, student actors will learn how to relax, shape their performances, and keep their work completely honest. Nikki Silva will be sharing important bits of  acting craft, and giving specific direction to each student. This class will have a huge emphasis on acting technique, script analysis, and its application to scene work. Every student will work each and every class, and perform either a scene or monologue. The class environment is an incredibly safe one, where actors learn that it is OK to fail, receive an adjustment, and correct their performance.  FIRST CLASS FREE TRIAL !

Teen/Youth Voice Class (Tuesdays)

Tuesdays: 6 pm-7pm ($150 for 6 classes) On-Going Class, you may begin at any time!

Ages: 11-17 yrs 

Voice Coach: Nikki Silva

This class focuses on vocal health and technique as well as performance requirements and musical expression. Many vocal styles will be covered including theatre, jazz, and pop. Material will be provided and we will let you choose your own material, as well. This class is open to beginner singers with an emphasis on those looking to break into the musical theatre community or looking to find their voice within.  FIRST CLASS FREE TRIAL !

Youth Acting & Scene Study (Tuesdays)

Tuesdays: 5 pm-6 pm ($150 for 6 classes) On-Going Class, you may begin at any time!

Ages: 7-11 yrs 

Youth Acting Coach: Gabriella Cascio

In the youth class the students will learn to let go of their inhibitions, become characters, work together and to honestly tell stories. Every week we will be focusing on a different area of drama. We will start with ensemble building and will continue to character work, improvisation, scene study, movement and film. During class each week, we will start with warm up activities and continue on to the main lesson. By the end of the class, students will have a well- rounded education on the basic aspects of acting.  FIRST CLASS FREE TRIAL !