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The Actors Workshop

"Long Island's Best Acting School For Working Actors"
Kids thru Adults, Beginners thru Professionals!

Film / Television / Theatre / Commercials / Voice /Industry Workshops / Group Classes / Private Intsruction

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Kids/Teens 2020 Fall Program (9 weeks of Classes)

(Limit 10 students in the Acting/Feature Film Program)

(Limit 7 students in Each Vocal Superstar Program)

REGISTER NOW to hold your child's Spot!

The Actors Workshop NEW FALL PROGRAM!!

October 1st-November 26th, 2020

9 week Fall Feature Film Program

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9 Week  Kids Fall  Film/Acting Program 


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9 Week  Kids Fall  Film/Acting Program 


9 week Fall Vocal Superstar Program

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9 Wk Kids Fall Vocal Superstar Program 


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9 Wk Kids Fall Vocal Superstar Program 


9 week Feature Film / Acting Program Description

9-Week Feature Film / Acting Program

  • 9 WEEKS script analysis, acting technique, film rehearsal, shooting of actual full length film. All students have a starring role!

  • 5 semi-private coaching  (2-3 students per session)

  • 4-6 days on a real film set 

  • Lead in Feature Film Production, Copy of Film



Thursdays 4 pm-6 pm

Saturdays: 11am-1 pm


Privates: 5 Private Lessons, scheduled on availability (usually Saturdays)


Film Days:  Each student will commit to 4 - 6 “film days, a.k.a. shooting days”. These days will be on set could last up to 6 hours 

All filming Locations will remain within an 8 mile radius of Levittown.


Includes: Production costs for Filming, Photo shoot, 9 weeks of Acting Coaching, Private Lessons, Rehearsals, Camera Rehearsals, Professional Director of Photography, Professional Sound, Professional Editor, and Copy of Full Length Film for Reel.

9 week Vocal Superstar Program Description

  • 9 WEEKS small group vocal coaching (including vocal technique and songwriting)

GROUP A: Tuesday 5pm-6pm

GROUP B: Tuesday 6pm-7pm


  • 3 vocal privates  (1 on 1) 

  • 2-4 STUDIO SESSIONS at Westfall Recording in Farmingdale (2-3 hours per session)

  • Copy of solo demo track, group demo track. Songs will be compiled for an album released on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud.


Privates: 30 minute private vocal sessions scheduled on availability

Cost:    $1000.00


$100 discount for students who were originally casted in “Stuck In a Storybook”. Storybook Discount: $900


Includes: Sound Engineer Fee,  Album Art, Streaming Fees, Photoshoot, Instrumentalist payment,  6 weeks group lessons (1 hour), 3 private lessons (30 minute)

Songs recorded will include songs from “Stuck In A Storybook” and additional songs written for KIDS by Nikki Silva.

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            "PAID IN FULL"

9 Wk Kids Fall Vocal Sperstar Program



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